About me

About me.. but what can she write about herself? What exactly can she write? But about what? Yhmmm, wait a sec… about herself.

She was one of these girls wearing a polka dot dress with suspenders and two braids on the top of her head. One of the braids always in what is called ‘an artistic mess’, however mess is a slight understatement. She was never a good girl with clean nails, always properly dressed with clean face and looking like an absolute perfection. She was one of the girls that as soon as she was out of her mother’s sight, she ‘lost’ her perfect look. Torn tights, hole in a dress, scratched knees and elbows. A rebel since the early days.

What else can be written about her, so it doesn’t sound pompous? Hmm maybe… I have an idea…

Her name is…her age is…she comes from…her ancestors are…hasn’t she absorbed the passion for cooking with her mother’s milk? (for the first time she is laughing out load)

Maybe she should write that her passion is cooking? Because I cannot explain in other way who with any kind of the common sense starts a blog without a passion? Who spends hours in the kitchen just trying to make the recipes better? Who serves everything cold as they trying to get the best shoot on the camera?

Efka wersja Samochwała …W szkole mam najlepsze stopnie

There are people who trying to convince her to expand the blog content and show her other talents and interesting personality (this time she fell of the chair and rolling on the floor laughing out loud). These ‘other talents’ supposed to be scribbling some weird shapes on silk and she call herself an artist. Sometimes she skins some random sheep and a lovely wool scarf.

FS15 (2)

Sometimes she organises a charity event to help children in need but it is only on a rare occasion as being a saint and wearing a halo is a quite hard job to do. Anyway she doesn’t like to be calle Mother Theresa, she much prefers Efka Konefka.

Efka wersja Matka Tereska wypisuąca kartki do marzycielskich dzieciaków

She is one of these people that love to have too many irons in the fire and she cannot stand still. You can meet her riding her bike with the insanity in her eyes. And then when still has some energy, she get to the kitchen and cook. And she is trying to fit herself between the pans and the camera to get the best shoot.


You might ask why Spice Things Up? She was looking for the right name for some time until she found the one that fits. Spice things up can be used not only in relation to cooking, but to life in general. It can be even related to the sex life but she won’t be writing about it. Or maybe she should as it would definitely increase the amount of the blog readers.

No matter what she does, she remains real and credible. If something doesn’t taste good, she will tell about it, she won’t be saying amazing things about something that it pure rubbish. You won’t find all these fantastic reviews that sometimes can make people sick due to the amount of ‘sugar’.

PA037993 (2).jpg
Efkakonefka wersja z krwi i kości

The author of the blog is a real woman with the real passion. And that would be the end of it.

Thank you. Now everyone please clap their hands and the show is over.

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